Reilly Kennedy

GET TO KNOW || This month, get to know Reilly Kennedy who is currently competing at the Australian National Age Championships!

Reilly Kennedy has been a part of the National Open Squad coached by Matt Magee for just over 6 months, but has been a part of Perth City for almost 3 years. When Reilly first joined the Club he was with the Red Squad, trained by Ian “Millsy” Mills and has had many achievements over his time swimming.

Reilly started swimming competitively at age 7. He swam at Belmont Bluefins, then moved to Vic Park Swimming Club and then back to Belmont swimming under the Aquajets club before he moved to Perth City. Although Reilly was always one of the smallest out of all the boys he swam against, he broke a state record for the 100 Backstroke in 2008. After some lengthy time of growing and maturing he started to catch the other boys he swam against. Moving to Perth City, he met Callum Lauriston and Nicholas Rollo, both have been boys Reilly has been up against racing most of his time swimming. Although Reilly couldn’t keep up with them when he first moved he worked hard every session to try and keep up. With his competitive nature it was a goal to eventually be able to keep up which he now does, even surpassing the boys on a regular basis!

Reilly explained that moving to Perth City was a very exciting change as being a part of a bigger club with people that will push you and help you to succeed was something that he always wanted and didn’t have much of an opportunity to do at the smaller clubs he was previously a part of.
Reilly made his first pool national time in 2015 in the 200 Backstroke and his first open water qualifying time the same year for the 5km. One year later, he made his first 10km national open water time where he came 2nd in the event and in January of this year, Reilly went to Open Water Nationals where he competed in both the 5km and the 7.5km and won GOLD in both events!
In September of 2016, Reilly moved up to the National Open Squad with a group of other swimmers from Red Squad to be trained under Matt Magee. Reilly said he was looking forward to further developing his skills with more elite swimmers to push him and educate him in open water and pool sets. Reilly also said the work load was a big jump both in and out of the water, with gym sessions further developing his strength which has made a big difference to his swimming already.
Perth City wishes Reilly and all our other National Age representatives all the best at the National Age Championships this week! If you see our rising star Reilly around the pool, make sure you say hi!

Name: Reilly James Kennedy
Age: 17
Birthplace: Subiaco
Height: 180cm
School: Mazenod College
Year: 12
After school: Engineering or Surveying
Family: Mum, Dad, Sister- Mel
Pets: Cat (Sparkles)
Length of time at Perth City: 3 years
Favourite swim event: 1500m
Favourite thing about Perth City: “the banta”
Hobbies: Surfing, Netflix
In the future I want to: Make an Australian team
Colour: yellow
Food: Carbonara
Favourite drink: Strawberry Milk
Interesting fact: I’ve swam to Rottnest 3 times