Our values guide our actions and set the groundwork for how we behave:

  • Leadership: leading by example and having the courage to drive our mission and pursue our vision.
  • Teamwork: working together collectively to achieve our goals and build a positive team and family spirit. Valuing our members, encouraging their development and recognising their achievements.
  • Integrity: upholding the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. Being open, honest and fair, and acting ethically with integrity and respect at all times. Being personally accountable for delivering on our commitments and transparent in all Club operations.
  • Discipline: being determined, setting goals and holding ourselves accountable.
  • Excellence: Continuously striving to better ourselves, pursuing growth, always giving our best, and empowering members to achieve excellence.
  • A will to win: Developing a winning mindset. Exhibiting a strong will to win in every aspect including swimming, personal development, personal achievement and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Passion: being passionate and determined in the pursuit of our goals. Embracing challenges and driving the pursuit of excellence.