Archie Ryan

Eight year old Archie Ryan, brother of Hayley, Alysha and Hamish Ryan is a courageous, kind and loveable member of the Missiles squad that trains at Perth College under his coach Macie Bennetts. He loves the Missile squad as everyone is really welcoming and friendly, especially his coach Macie because she is “really kind and explains things very well”.

Archie has been a member of Perth City Swimming Club for just over a year, but has been swimming since he turned 6 years old. He joined because he “loved to swim!” Archie’s favourite stroke is freestyle and breaststroke although his favourite event is the 100m freestyle.

Archie’s love for swimming has also got him involved in surf club which he started when he was six, since then he has been attending every Sunday. He hopes to start surf club competitions next year.

Archie attends John XXII College where he is in year 4. He loves going to school because he gets to hang out with all of his friends and when he finishes high school he hopes to become a physiotherapist where he can look after other athletes in all sports.

In the future, Archie hopes that he will go to the Olympics for both Swimming and for Athletics!

Name: Archie Ryan
Age: 8 (soon to be 9)
Birthplace: Subiaco
Height: 133cm
School: John XXIII College
Year: 4
Family: Mum, Dad, Hayley, Alysha, Hamish and myself
Pets: 2 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit and a bird
Length of time at Perth City: just over a year
Fav swim event: 100 freestyle
Hobbies: taekwondo, reading, going to the beach, running and playing on the trampoline with Hamish
In the future I want to: be in the Olympics for swimming and running
Fav colour: red, blue and green
Fav animal: Peregrine falcon
Fav food: pizza
Fav drink: fire engine (a red fizzy drink)
Interesting fact: I drove (with Dad, Hayley, Alysha and Hamish) to Melbourne this Christmas. Archie also spends his weekends painting!