Archie Green

This edition of the Perth City ‘Get to Know’ we were lucky enough to interview one of the most energetic kids in the whole of Western Australia, Archie Green.

Archie Green, the younger brother to National Open Squad member, Chloe Green, is a bright and bubbly youngster who swims at Perth City in the Torpedos squad. You’ve most likely seen young Archie at swim meets or at the open water series, running around and having a ball.

Archie is famous for his endless amounts of energy and can often be found chasing the local wildlife at swimming events. In particular, at the Australian Open Water Championships earlier this year, Archie managed to catch a seagull that temporarily became the Club’s mascot for the meet before being safely released.

The youngster comes from sporting pedigree with both his mum and sister winning national titles in swimming and his dad, Danny Green, an Australian boxing legend.

Archie recently raced for City at the A-Grade Premierships in the 9 year olds 50m Freestyle where he swam an impressive 36.51 which was a 5 second PB made even more impressive by the fact that he raced without a cap and goggles! What a monster!

With his endless amount of energy, athletic genetics and great approach to life, this will not be the last time you hear of Archie. Make sure you keep an eye out for Greeny Jr II because if you blink, you’ll miss him!

Name: Archie green
Place of birth: Subiaco Perth
Height 147cm
School: North Beach Primary
Year: 4
Favourite swimming event: 50m freestyle
Hobbies: fishing, surfing, boxing and annoying his sister Chloe ??
Family: Danny, Nina & Chloe !
Pets : 2x dogs (big one called Yo Yo and little one Rocky!)
Length of time at Perth City: 3 years
Favourite food: Mum’s delicious potato bake
Favourite drink: Fanta
Interesting fact: I’m called the bird catcher I once caught a sea gull with one hand ?
And another interesting fact: I’m handsome as hell