Hi All
It is shaping up to be our best Perth City Classic ever with 105 Perth City members taking part and many more that are not swimming helping out with the marshalling. All the best to those participating. As this is an opportunity where we get most of the club together in the one spot so I urge you to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and have a chat and get to know each other so you are not strangers at the next meet.

Last call for raffle prize donations. Thank you to all those who have made a donation already. The committee will be compiling all the prizes in to packs on Friday so last minute donations are still being received.

Thanks to all those who have volunteer for extended duties this Saturday. Please see the Volunteer Roster and the Time Keeping / Refreshment Roster attached. Please look carefully everyone has got something to do so you will find your name attached somewhere.. There will no doubt be times during the meet where I will need someone to cover for something unexpected so if you see me wandering around waving my hands in the air please let me know if you are available to help out with an additional duty. These will also be posted to the Perth City Website.

As at past events we will be running a raffle on the day of the meet. To make this successful we are asking members to donate prizes. Please bring all donations to training and leave in the front office at Perth College or with your coach. The donations will be bundled up into prize packs by our hard working committee. Some examples of donations include Gourmet Food Products, Boxed Chocolates, Alcohol, Bathroom/Toiletry products, Swimming accessories, Books, Magazines etc.

We ask that each family donate for this raffle.

A number of people have been asking about purchasing uniforms before the event . Please be advised that Penny will bring down a selection of uniform items for sale including the standard caps and the new dome caps. These will be available when the doors open. The prices are
• Hoodies $60
• T Shirt $35
• Standard Cap $10
• Small Dome Cap $20
• Large Dome Cap $30
• Club Bathers (Vary)
• Supporters Polo shirt $40
• Shorts $25
• Deck Coat $110 (Please advise if you want one and Penny will bring it down)