What a morning on Saturday 28th September when 30 Perth City and Perth Swim Academy members started there swim-athon.

As a team we were aiming to as many crossings as possible.

With swimmers starting from 6 years old each athlete had their own goal to achieve.

Achieving a massive distance of 172.90km. Wow!!

That is over 9 crossings.

Well done on a great achievement.

Special mention to our amazing 10km achievements:

Brooke Rego and Riley Prentice

Louis Taverner 7 1hr 46mins
Riley Prentice 10 2hr 31mins
Brooke Rego 10 2hr 28mins
Amy Brown 5.5 1hr 46mins
Emilia Smit 8 2hr 03mins
Harry Taverner 6.5 2hr 08mins
Rhiannon Smit 6.5 1hr 51mins
Eilidh Harcus 6.4 1hr 46mins
Jessica Westbrook 8 2hr 16mins
Corina Stagg 8 2hr 10mins
Jordan Davis 8 1hr 56mins
Lauren Pedersen 5 1hr 40mins
Kate O’Hara 6 1hr 35mins
Abbey Prentice 6 2hr 19mins
Madison Bostock 6 2hr 19mins
Max Bostock 5.5 2hr 08mins
Ben Kop 6 2hr 18mins
Menno Talbot 6 1hr 39mins
Zoe Kellam 5 1hr 44mins
Mia Njirich 5 2hr
Tori Cronje 5 1hr 47mins
Tommaso Puccini 5.5 1hr 39mins
Hazel Leeming 5 1hr 31mins
Giuliano Famiano 4 1hr 36mins
Chloe Pedersen 4.5 1hr 54mins
Harper Lee 8 2hr 13mins
Gianluca Famiano 2
Ryan Njirich 2
Oliver Leeming 1.25
Alex Smit 1.25