Over the weekend, HBF Stadium saw 71 of our swimmers take to the pool for the 2016 WA Short Course State Championships. Over 446 races, our swimmers produced a 61% strike rate on improvements on personal best times. Considering the State average for improved PBs was 53%, City is certainly doing something right!


At the conclusion of the competition, Perth City was also named Short Course State Championships Metro Club Champions with a point score of 1156 to come out victorious over UWA West Coast (1102) and Breakers (678.5). Given the size of these monster-clubs, City’s accomplishment should not be underrated.

Also at the conclusion of the final session, Perth City had a record 12 members selected onto the 2016 State Team roster! Special congratulations to those selected onto the Team – what a great achievement:

  • Athletes – Chloe Green, Claire Coten, Jordan Davis, Kelsey Eastwood, Kalani Ireland, Lachlan Joyce, Miki Ryan, Reilly Kennedy, Taj Jones, Anna Monaghan
  • Coaches – Deb Jones
  • Team staff – William Rollo (Team Coordinator) and Penny Rollo (Team Coordinator)

Although I wasn’t there to see the action in person (apologies, I have been struck down by illness, as have 50% of Perth’s population it seems), I have received excellent feedback from our coaches, athletes and parents alike about the great camaraderie shown amongst our athletes. Thank you for representing your Club with pride – this is just one way City is leading by example and creating excellent role models for our junior members to look up to.

A huge congratulations to all our members that raced over the weekend and also a heartfelt thanks to all our parents, volunteers and coaches who gave up their weekend to support our swimmers.

I look forward to seeing the Club grow and improve further as we roll into the Summer season.

Kind regards

Heidi Gan