The conclusion of the Australian Age Championships last night revealed the top ten clubs in the country. A nervous wait for all of the clubs for the top ten to be named and award their team banner.IMG_1596


  1. Melbourne Vic Centre (48 competitors)
  2. Nunawading (47 competitors)
  3. TSS Aquatics (34 competitors)
  4. Carlile (30 competitors)
  5. Surrey Park (18 competitors)
  6. East Brisbane (14 competitors)
  7. 7 MLC (24 competitors)
  8. Trinity (18 competitors)
  9. Nudgee (16 competitors)
  10. Perth City (11 competitors)

Perth City was awarded tenth in Australia. This is a remarkable acheivement and also noting that in the top ten clubs Perth City had the least number of swimmers competing.


Well done to the team!IMG_1556

Montana Colreavy     William Rollo
Emma Regolini          Damian Fyfe
Jordana Tonner         Jackson Govers
Tamsin Cook              Brett Fielding
Georgia Truscott        Paras Nain
Raife Sillence