Round 5 of the SWA Open Water Series saw the Perth City A Team of Heidi Gan, Simon Huitenga, Jeremy Brook-Smith and Brett Fielding take 1st place and $500 worth of prize money.  Perth City were never really challenged in the 5 kilometre event actually taking out the first four places in line honours. This was a fantastic effort with the prize money going towards funding the Australian Open Water Championships being held in NSW in February.

From the shore the conditions looked great, it was slightly overcast, there was only a slight wind and the water temp was a perfect 24 degrees. However these conditions it seems were also perfect for stingers with over 70 competitors pulling out after only competing a short distance. For those that managed to last the distance there were some good results for Perth City. Hopefully the stingers will not put off new comers Brooke Rego and Kimberly Sorensen from returning to the open water scene after they took out 1st and 4th respectfully in the U14 female 1.25 km event.

U14 Female 1.25 Km
Brooke Rego 1st place
Kimberly Sorensen 4th place

14/U Male 2.5 km
Roi Kagan 3rd place

Female 2.5 km
Amy Brown 3rd place

18/O Female 2.5 km
Kate Bird 1st place

15/U Male 5 km
Brett Fielding 1st place
Callum Lauriston 6th place

18/O Male 5km
Simon Huitenga 1st place
Jeremy Brooke-Smith 2nd place

18/O Female
Heidi Gan 1st place

Jon Jessop 3rd place