Perth City excel at Junior states

Perth City had a creditable thirteen individual swimmers competing at the Junior States last weekend.

In one of the most ‘watched’ championships the swimming was remarkable. The stands were full and swimmers from 7 years through to 12 years set the goal to swim faster than they ever had before!

Whilst the swimming was fast it was still highlighted that these athletes were young and enjoyed catching up with peer competitiors and ‘having a chat’ in the marshalling area.

Swim downs were a mixture of freestyle, forward rolls, duck dives and a bit of backstroke when the coach was watching!

Congratulations to all Perth City members and especially our medal winners:

  • Jordan Davis
  • Brooke Rego
  • Tommaso Puccini

To our first time competitiors well done on achieving the state level mark and finally our relay swimmers –

AWESOME!   Perth City Swimming Club_ Junior states results