The quiet achiever of thjezzae club Jeremy JEZZA Brooke-Smith took glory in the Rotto Swim yesterday.

The 19.7km race did not hand the best conditions but Jezza showed top form to finish across the line as first solo in 4hrs 34mins 34 ecs. Really anyone that can swim across deep water in the difficult conditions for no less than 4hours is a champion. Pocketing $1000 for his win.

There was one or two shark sightings during the event however with the 800 odd support boats , 2,300 total swimmers and 800 + kayaks all sharks seemed to decide to stay far enough away for swimmers comfort.

Perth City also starred in the duo scene with Sarah Jessop (Female duo), Heidi Gan (Olympian)and Simon HOOTS Huitenga (Australian Team Member) (Mixed duo).Heidi and Hoots break 8 year old record

Heidi and Simon crossed the 19.7km stretch of water in a quick 4hrs 08mins.

This time setting a new course record that hadn’t been broken for 8years. This was the only record set for the day in what could be
described as challenging conditions which ranged from sections of large swell, choppy waters and headwinds. Their sensational time was more than 5mins faster than the previous record.

sarah_jessopHeidi and Simon picked up the $1,000 prize money for the mixed duo crossing first place.

Sarah Jessop fought off fierce competition for the females duo crossing first place swim. A mentally strong swim by Sarah (15yrs) and, her Albany friend and swim team member, Danielle Atkinson (14yrs) raced flat out using team strategies, efficient change-overs and sprint swimming in the final km’s to finish first over the line for their category in a time of 5hrs 09mins which rewarded them with $1,000 prize money.

Well worth winning and a deserved prize when you add up the 1000’s of hours of training all of our team members have put in.

A great follow up for Heidi, Simon and sarah after their performances at the Asutralian Open Water Championships.

In other Perth City results Club Captain Jason Evans won his category with past club member Jarrad Lawford. Club lifemembers Deane Pieters and Bill Kirby also won their teams categories.

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