Perth City had 18 competitors at the OWS State Championships on Sunday. With a number of personal bests and medals from the great results.

The State Championships distances – 5km and 10km were an exciting race to watch. With personal times, goals and places for the taking.

The 5km race was strongly contested by Callum Lauiston and Nick Rollo in the 13yrs and under age group. Callum swam to SILVER and his remarkable time (a huge PB) was also Australian qualifying time. It didn’t take long for Callum to think about whether he would contest the race in NSW next year. Well done Callum. Nick also swam a magnificant race coming in 5th, a time well within the 13yrs qualifying time. As it happens Nick turns 14 just prior to the OWS Australian Championships and missed the 14yrs qualifying time by 1.5seconds. A fantastic achievement and still a couple of opportunities to achieved the time. Well done boys.

In the 15yrs and under girls Sarah Jessop swam the race of her life to PB by minutes. Aiming for a qualifying time of 1 hr and 14 minutes, Sarah just misse fdthe time by 20seconds. Although just missing this National target you can not take away from the great swim and PB Sarah achieved. Well done.

Sarah’s father and club secretary, Jon again swam the 5km race. Achieving a 6th place in the 18yrs and over category is an amazing achievement with only 18minutes behind the winners.

The 10km race was represented by Simon Huitenga (Australian team member), Heidi Gan (Olympian), Jeremy Brooke-Smith (State WA Surf Team) and Will Rollo (WA Age State Teams). With an amazing nail biting finish Hoots had the sprint of his life to be touched out by a NZ visitor by 0.01 seconds. Hoots came in first WA swimmer. Heidi and team mates Jeremy and Will worked well together to push each other to the limit with great swims. Heidi won the overall female and GOLD in 18yrs and over. Jeremy finished with SILVER in the 18yrs and over. Will worked hard for the entire 10km’s and won GOLD for the 17yrs and under age group.

This remarkable achievement is highlight by the overall results from these swimmers.

Overall results
Simon Huitenga  2nd
Jeremy Brooke-Smith  3rd
Heidi Gan 4th
Will Rollo 5th

In the 500m Jordan Davis completed his double winning another GOLD for this distanmce in the 11yrs and under and also claiming first overall for the diatsnce.

Harry Taverner swam a remarkable race taking GOLD for the 14yrs and under.

In the 1.25km Louis Taverner achieved BRONZE in the 14yrs and under while the girls took the double with Brooke Rego GOLD and Lexi Njirich SILVER in the 14yrs and under. Both girls 11yrs and 12yrs respectively.

Karla Goy continues her winning streak with another GOLD and hopefully maintaining top of the womens ranking with a classy swim in the 2.5km. Finishing first female and 5minutes in front of her team mate and silver medalist. A great way to finish the year before her 6week holiday in the USA. Well done Karla.

Perth City continued this tremendous result in the 14yrs and under girls with Corina Stagg winning SILVER and Coco Grotegoed BRONZE. A senasational result for Perth City.

Continuing the achievements of Perth City in the 2.5km distance, John Davis won GOLD in the 17yrs and under males and Tasmin Davis SILVER for the 17yrs and under female.