IMG_1496After sweltering all week from the heat inside the centre, Perth City again set fire in the pool.

With three Perth City swimmers featuring on the night – Tamsin, Damian and Will, it was set to be a heatwave.

Damo was up first with the 200FS. Having featured every night at the Championships and also medalling every night it was a hard track to follow. In another of his big events (he has so many and just keeps adding to them) it was going to be a sprint race.

A very strong and talented age group times throughout the week have been compared with the Open level. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that these boys are just 15 years old.

IMG_1516Damo took the lead after his ‘reknowned’ streamline. To hold this lead through the race. Clocking a time of 1.51.90 puts him up with the best in Australia and now the 15 year old champion by winning GOLD.

Tamsin was up with the 400IM. After  a big program and such diversity Tamsin clocked a PB in the heats to be the fastest qualifier for the final. Tamsin swam a race to break her target time of 5mins by clocking 4.58.55. Tamsin added to her collection of silver ware with a BRONZE. However there is nothing sweeter than a PB.IMG_1499

Finally up on the night was Will Rollo.

After establishing himself in the Australian scene and informing everyone “I AM WILL” he was always going to be an opponent to watch. Swimming close to his PB in the heat the goal was to exit the water faster than going in and take hold of any opportunities. Will finiashed 6th in the final with a PB of 2.10.40.

All team members supported the finalists.