On top of the every day running of the Club, the Committee has identified a number of key areas within the Club which require special attention throughout the Season. These include Junior Development, Fundraising & Social, Sponsorship, Marketing & Communications, Governance, Regulation & Compliance, and Training & Education.

To address these areas and to ensure the necessary attention is paid to these areas, the Committee has developed five Sub-Committees for these areas. These Sub-Committees work together throughout the Season to develop action items and initiatives specific to their core area of focus. The Sub-Committees then report back to the Committee on their ideas and seek approval from the Committee to implement their initiatives.

Leaders of each Sub-Committee are the relevant Officer pertaining to that area of work. Non-Committee members can be members of any Sub-Committee.

Co-Opted Members

The Committee is actively seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to be co-opted onto any of these five Sub-Committees. The Committee views the process of co-opting Club members onto the Sub-Committees as a great way to recruit members who have specific skills or abilities needed, or a strong interest in, a particular Sub-Committee, but who do not want to be full Committee members.

If you are interested in being co-opted onto any of these Sub-Committees, please contact a Committee Member for further information!

Club Sub-Committees 2017

Perth City is grateful for all the support our selfless volunteers provide towards the running of our great Club!