The Club Committee comprises the Club Executive and Club Committee Members.

The 2020-21 Club Executive are listed below:

TreasurerPubudu Premachandra
Andy Donaldson
Club Executive group

The hardworking Committee Members:

Ingrid IaschiMichelle Rohrlach
Emma GregoryJosephine Reading
Andy DonaldsonEoin Carroll
Committee Members

There are opportunities throughout the year to be involved without needing to be on the committee. Opportunities could be:

  • Team manager for a meet
  • Event co-coordinator
  • Technical official
  • Medical Officer
  • Fun(d)raising
  • Training and Education
  • Uniforms
  • Marketing
  • … what is your personal interest …

If you are interested in helping out – let us know.

Perth City is grateful for all the support our selfless volunteers provide towards the running of our great Club!

If you would like to get in touch with a Club representative, please contact them on the details below:

President –

Uniforms –

Secretary –