Andy Muller

Andy has been coaching at Perth City since May 2016 and has recently taken up the job as coach of the National Blue squad. Andy moved to Australia in November of 2006 from his hometown of Davos in Switzerland (which is weird as Andy really does not like winter). Davos is a mountain resort in Switzerland which has a population of 12,000 people permanently living there, however, during peak season there are more than 45,000 people!!

When Andy was young, he joined the local swimming club when he saw some of the other kids swimming, but living in the Swiss Alps meant most of the interest was in winter sports, as Andy also skied, snowboarded, cross-country skied and played ice hockey, as well as sailed and cycled (mainly to and from school, sometimes reaching up to 50km per day!!) In Davos there was only one indoor 25m swimming pool that could be used by the swimming club, but it was closed for about 2 months of the year during low season. So, Andy had to train in the hotel pools or train in the gym!

How did Andy get into coaching? Well, their swim club only had 2 sessions on offer every week so mainly they went to the pool on their own and swam the sets that they wrote up beforehand. While doing that, Andy learnt a lot more about what it was like to coach before he then completed his coaching course. As a 16/17 year old, he was asked by schools and groups of adults if he could do a swimming course for them and so he continued with his coaching. As well as coaching swimming, Andy also coached Laser sailors!

Andy loved to swim freestyle but he likes coaching all of the strokes. He believes that swimming all 4 strokes really helps build a good, strong base (no matter what your ‘stroke’ is!) Andy was not a good breaststroker but he loves to teach it (does this remind you of anyone… Eoin perhaps!) His favourite sporting memory was when he became Swiss Junior Champion in sailing and when he became Club Swimming Champion for the first time.

When asked what he is most excited about to be a coach at Perth City, Andy replied ‘I would like to help each swimmer to become a better person, young adult and a better swimmer. Having known the coaches and some of the main swimmers for years now, I know that we can create a culture in the Club which will be unique and professional in Perth. I strongly believe that due to daily hard work and not taking ourselves too seriously, we all will be strong as one team!’ Andy is an extremely passionate, hardworking and dedicated person and coach and we are very excited about having him on board at Perth City!

Name: Andy Muller
Age: 40
Place of birth: Zurich, Switzerland
Height: 184cm
Occupation: Swim Coach and Hotel Manager
High school: Swiss Alpine High School Davos (
After school: Commercial apprenticeship in a Hotel in St Moritz, Switzerland; Degree in Hospitality Management
Main stroke and event: Freestyle sprinter when age grouper, now Open Water
Squad: National Blue and Rockets
Hobbies: Swimming, travelling, cycling, reading, cooking
Family / pets: Georgina (wife), no pets
Length of time at Perth City: since early 2016, a couple of years as a member of the adult squad
Favourite food and drink: Italian food, I love my milkshake and a good glass of wine
Interesting fact: I used to be a skiing instructor during high school!
Things to do on the bucket list: Travel more, NEVER NEVER jumping out of a flying aircraft, swim an open water race on Bermuda (Round the sound), see the Northern Lights (plus SO much more!)