2017 National Age Championships

2017 National Age Championships

RECAP || Days 1 & 2 of National Age Championships.
As per usual a rookie rolled into the first session of the meet without accreditation. Kelsey Eastwood had her first encounter with a moose scratching its back against a fence post at the pool, similar to a grumpy old grizzly bear. Eoin has been working on his tan at the cool down pool with sunny Queensland not disappointing. And the Easter bunny arrived, which lead to a highly competitive egg hunt, and Archie Green hasn’t been seen since.

On the swimming side of things, there have been some very strong performances over the first two days of the Championships.

Katie McFarlane, Kelsey Eastwood, Reilly Kennedy, Alexandra Ho, Jordan Davis, Rielly Joyce and Madison Howe have all kicked off their campaigns putting in solid swims to record PBs or just off their entry times! Special mention to Reilly Kennedy for taking off 3 seconds from his PB in the 400 IM and just missing the finals!

Our standout finals performances so far include Chloe Green in the 800 freestyle with her performance earning her a 5th position finish overall from a morning heat swim! And Robyn Lee finishing an awesome 6th overall in the 100 backstroke blitzing her PB in the process!
From all reports, the coaches are enthused with the teams performance and conduct in and out of the water.

RECAP || Days 3 & 4 of National Age Championships
As our team approach the mid-point of the meet, we have it on good authority that everyone is getting used to the humidity (65%) and really getting into the flow of the competition. Here is a team report from Coach Eoin Carroll:
– DAY 3 –
After a little sleep in we kicked off our day with rating queen Chloe Green in the 400 free. Chloe clocked a 4.33s PB for a time of 4.26.12 which placed her firmly in the final in joint 5th position.
We were the treated to some sprint swimming, with Alexandra Ho and Jordan Davis in their 50 free. Alex up first setting a 27.42, landing her in 15th place. Jordan up next with a 0.09s PB, earning him the 1st reserve spot of 11th!

Back for the final of the 400 free the team spirit was high, and the support was phenomenal for Chloe. Backing up from the morning, Chloe’s PB streak continued with another 2.1 sec PB, dropping down to a very respectable of 4.24.02!

– DAY 4 –
Another busy day at the pool starting with our two veterans having a crack at their 100 fly. Robyn Lee was up first with a blistering 1.02.36, a 0.79 PB, earning her a 5th position spot in the final. Nicholas Rollo, up next, and not wanting to be outdone sliced 0.05 off his PB, bringing his time down to a 58.40!

Robyn was up again, this time in the 200 IM rolling out another PB, 0.95 off her previous best to bring her time down to a 2.24.90.

Without the other half of his brain (Sab) Rielly Joyce stood up for his 200 breaststroke. Swimming an intelligent race Rielly set himself up well and cut his time down to 2.31.29, a 2.48 sec PB, jumping 8 positions in the national rankings!

To finish off the morning we had Pavel Sinclair in his rookie nationals – Pav did City proud racing his heart out gaining 1 spot in the national rankings. Well done Pav!

Back in the water for the finals Robyn consolidated her improvement from her morning swim finishing a strong 9th.

Our City girls also had a great race in the 16 and under 4x100m Freestyle relay snatching a top 10 finish.

By all accounts, our team are swimming great and feeling good leading into the last few days of competition. Our City parents also appear to be having a smashing time in QLD if Nina Green’s Facebook account is anything to go by.

RECAP || Days 5 & 6 of the Age National Championships
A fantastic recap from Coach Eoin on the last few days of the Age Championships! With our small but strong team, City finished 6th highest WA ranked Club in Australia. Well done guys, GO CITY!!!
As we approached the latter part of the meet, the coaches were weary, but the swimmers were hitting their groove. Day 5 started with Robyn Lee in the 200 BK. With a very busy schedule, and without complaint, Robyn stepped up again, shaving off a 0.16 sec PB. Great under-waters and a strong finish brought her agonisingly close to the final, 1st reserve.
This was followed very closely by Reilly Kennedy 200 back. The double Open Water gold medalist showed his versatility pulling down a 2.10.27, knocking off 2.14 seconds.
Next up was Alex Ho and Chloe Green in the 200 free. The battle between these two was intense, both ladies hitting 2.09’s and a minuscule 0.02 separating them two. Special mention to Alex getting under the 2.10 mark for the first time.

Madison Howe continued her streak of going fast, this time without spitting her bathers. (2 bather splits for her 2 previous races). Madi’s pet event, the 100 fly, went according to plan and she finished hard with a 1.05.36.

Reilly was back in the water again, back to his comfort zone, in the 1500 free. Through a series of scratches Reilly ended up swimming in the middle of the pool, ALONE. 1500m by yourself with a Queensland crowd would be a daunting task to most, but not for this young man. Seeding put Reilly in 11th place, entered on a 16.22.04, Reilly showed he class, smashing his PB and breaking the 16 minute mark for the first time. The entire crowd cheered him home for the last 200m, and after the rest of the field raced in the evening, Reilly finished up at 7th overall.

Robyn was back in the pool again the next morning for her 200 fly. Final day and a tough event, Robyn showed her class racing hard and getting her ranking to 20th.
Jordan Davis was up next with the 200 IM. JD took off like a bat out of hell, with a 28.59 for his fly leg, and kept that intensity up all the way to the finish, taking 3.54 seconds worth of PB with him in the end.

Backing up after a 200 fly is never easy, but don’t tell Robyn Lee that, she already knows. Kicking all the way home with legs still made of jelly, Robyn clocked an honorable 59.81. This was the end of her long, tough and hopefully rewarding weeks racing.

Without much by way of down time, JD was back at again, racing the 100 fly this time. Battling hard, as Jordan always does, Jordan finished out his individual schedule with a 58.95.

The finals session on the final day was going to be an exciting one, with 9 of our 11 members racing. Firstly we had Kelsey Eastwood in her 800 free. I’m not sure if I’ve ever see Kelsey so pumped, first out of the tunnel, first to ditch her tracksuit and first onto the block. Well paced and evenly split, Kelsey earned her top 10 ranking with a 9.16.96.

Next up we had the 18/u 4×100 Medley relay. There was a lot of trash talking between our teams (to be expected with Nic Rollo involved) and the bet was set, $5 worth of chocolate for the winners with a 30 second advantage to the girls. The stage was set.

Ladies first, and a blistering pace was set. Chloe Green in the Backstrokers role (yes she can do back) setting the tone with a 1.08.58. Katie Mc got back in the water for the breaststroke, smashing home in a 1.16.47, Madi Howe’s fly hitting the 1.04.32 mark leaving Alex to bring it home, and bring it she did, with a 59.26. As a team, a 4.28.63 meant that this was 4.37 sec PB, a 6 position jump to 17th and the gauntlet set for the boys.

Stage set, final swim of the night, the “men” came out. Reilly Kennedy setting off with a 1.01.25 for the back. This was followed by Rielly Joyce taking over for the brs coming back hard with a 1.09.37. Nic “the mouth” Rollo swam his final National Age race, with a blistering 58.15 for his fly. Jordan closing out he meet with an amazing 53.49 100 free. 2.98 second PB for the team, moving up 2 places in the rankings, the boys finished out the meet with a 4.02.36. Unfortunately, however, this was not enough for the boys, and the chocolately spoils went to the girls.

All in all, this was a National Age filled with firsts and lasts. The biggest milestone however was the final National Age with Perth City for Ian Mills. The team dinner was an emotional one (still with less tears than last year, ahem… Georgia Truscott) and with Millsy in his face shirt (a creepy present from Nat Red, that saw the faces of the team on a t-shirt, Junior on his butt, and the Ho sisters on his arm pits….creepy) and a great team atmosphere, we finished out National Age with plenty of good memories, great swims and being the 6th highest ranked WA club in the Nation. I am proud to be a part of Perth City, and am looking forward to next year already. #getsome #gotsome #perthcity #fastisfun #cityfast